• Yoga Classes

  • At Shanti Yoga the aim of every class is to help students experience homeostasis in mind, body and spirit. All classes cover conscious breathing, the essential categories of poses (standing, sitting, forward-bending, backward-bending, upside down) and relaxation. We create sequences to practice and teach the poses and actions required to perform them. Some classes focus on a few categories of poses and some include more.

    The pace of a Yoga 1 class is relatively slow. The pace of  Yoga 2  is quicker, more poses are practiced and basic pose knowledge is expected.

    The pace of Yoga All  class is set by the group in the room, instructions include options for different levels of experience and ability. Everyone is welcome to Yoga All.

    Restorative yoga practice adds support to each pose. The pace is slow, poses are held longer, relaxation is emphasized. Previous yoga experience (at least 6 months is required).

    Private/semi-private classes are for personalized instruction and/or self directed folks who need a plan for home practice and/or self directed folks with restrictions who need to work toward attending a regular class.

    If you have questions please contact me 514-702-7455 or 51bwestminster@gmail.com  I look forward to seeing you anytime, Cathy